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The personal blog of Nicholas Klein, artistic director of NJ Productions. Started in 2009, this blog focuses heavily on the side projects Nick wanders into. From exploring new places to new creative projects you can do at home, it will satisfy your artsy curiosities and cravings.

26 March 2013


Secure your Passwords
26 February 2013

Google Business Photos

Showcase your business in a new way
19 February 2013

Joomla Vs. Wordpress

Which CMS Should You Use?
29 January 2013

Unique Decorative Creations

Handcrafted products by local artist
22 April 2012

New Website

Big changes
11 February 2012

New Business Card

Time for a change
12 March 2011

Blog 100: Telephone poles

Finally made it to my 100th blog!
27 January 2010

Photoshop Tips

So you've taken some great photographs...

About the Author

Nicholas Klein

Founder and visual artist, specializing in all aspects of a businesses presence from imagery and video to graphics and web. A graduate of IPFW with a Bachelor in Fine Arts, Concentration Photography as well as an Associates Degree in Business. His personal photography works are focused on landscape, travel, and aerial photography.