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Without motivation you will not get very far at all

When it comes down to being successful, I would say that without motivation you will not get very far at all. I've known a great number of people that have the skill to be great artists, with amazing abilities that make me weak with envy. But they have no motivation to push forward, and I worry that they have no direction, even though there is a clear and open path ahead of them. No matter how talented you are, without the energy, motivation, good work ethic and inspiration to create and push forward you will struggle to make it anywhere. For me, this energy flows naturally but there are undoubtedly times where I have no interest in working. But you have to find the strength inside of yourself, find something inspiring, and this may not always be easy but what choice is there? So FIND your motivation at all costs, surround yourself with as much positive as possible. Movies, books, works of art, friends, and family are all sources of great hope and inspiration. A good laugh here or there never hurts either. Life is too short to waste your time in the corner looking out.

About the Author

Nicholas Klein

Founder and visual artist, specializing in all aspects of a businesses presence from imagery and video to graphics and web. A graduate of IPFW with a Bachelor in Fine Arts, Concentration Photography as well as an Associates Degree in Business. His personal photography works are focused on landscape, travel, and aerial photography.