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Website Afterparty: What to Do Post-Launch


Elevate Your Website's Performance After Going Live

Congratulations! Your shiny new website is now live, and you're ready to conquer the digital world. But wait, what's next? As tempting as it is to sit back and admire your online masterpiece, there's work to be done to ensure your website continues to thrive. In this blog post, we'll walk you through some practical steps to take after your website goes live. 

If all of this is beyond how involved you want to be, NJP has got your back! We're here to help you save time and energy with extensive website management plans so you can focus on growing your business. 

So, let's dive in, shall we?

Implement SEO Best Practices

Now that your website is live, it's time to help people find it. Search engine optimization (SEO) is like the secret sauce that makes your website more visible to potential customers. Start by ensuring your website has relevant keywords, meta tags, headers, and alt text for images. Don't forget to create an XML sitemap and submit it to search engines like Google. With great SEO, you'll be the talk of the internet in no time!

If SEO is completely foreign to you, read our recent blog going much deeper into this subject: What is the deal with SEO?

Blogging and Content Creation: The Secret Weapons of Engagement

Content is king, and blogging is its trusty sidekick. Regularly publishing high-quality, valuable blog posts on your website not only drives traffic to your site, but it also improves SEO and it positions you as an industry expert. The best part? You can show off your unique brand personality while educating and entertaining your audience. It's like hosting a party where you're the star, and everyone wants to know what you have to say. And remember, NJP is here to support you with content creation, so you can focus on being the life of that party!

Utilize Social Media and Online Presence

Want to create buzz around your website? Social media is your megaphone. By promoting your website and content across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, and LinkedIn, you can reach a wider audience and drive traffic back to your site. Each platform has its quirks, so be sure to adapt your message to fit the vibe – you wouldn't wear a tuxedo to a beach party, right? Did you know NJP offers full social media management services.

Encourage User Feedback and Reviews

Honest feedback is a gift, especially when it comes to your website. Encourage your customers to leave reviews on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook. This not only boosts your credibility but also helps you identify areas for improvement. Who knew that constructive criticism could be so…constructive? Most importantly, don’t forget to HIGHLIGHT great reviews on your website and social media.

Monitor and Update Regularly

Just like fashion trends, websites need a refresh every now and then. By regularly updating your content, design, and features, you'll keep your website fresh and your users engaged. Think of it as a digital spring cleaning – minus the dust bunnies and mysterious items hiding under the couch.

Good areas to keep updated are your products/services, team bios, and current specials. Updating and adding new images/video is also a great way to refresh your site and improve SEO. Having someone in-house or a 3rd Party (like NJP) managing your website is a great way to make sure someone is focused on keeping your site updated.

Pain Points

Last, your website is a fantastic tool for you and your team to use in order to make day-to-day operations rum smoothly. Assess with your team what pain points there are in your process (from sales to finance) and see where your website can save the day with automation! 

One big area your website can help in this area are with online forms. From quotes and order forms to surveys and contact forms - you can build robust forms that dynamically respond to customer inputs. This allows your team to get a lot of information from a new lead before having talked to them - saving them valuable time by not having to ask the same questions over and over.

There you have it – a roadmap to ensure your website's post-launch success. With a little effort, some laughs along the way, and maybe a helping hand from NJP, you'll be well on your way to online greatness. Remember, we're here to help with any website management tasks, freeing you up to focus on what really matters: growing your business. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started and make your website the talk of the digital town!

About the Author

Nicholas Klein

Founder and visual artist, specializing in all aspects of a businesses presence from imagery and video to graphics and web. A graduate of IPFW with a Bachelor in Fine Arts, Concentration Photography as well as an Associates Degree in Business. His personal photography works are focused on landscape, travel, and aerial photography.