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Sample Headshots

NJP provides quality headshots of all styles, with our portable lighting setup brought directly to your office! Two studio lights and a laptop to view and approve your head shot right after we take it. We can use a natural background, a white background, or edit to any background of your choosing. Please also decide if you need your images in a vertical or horizontal format as that is how we will take them at your photoshoot. All portrait sessions have a base $150 photoshoot fee, then a price per image for editing based on the style you select below (minimum total of $200 per session).

Group Photos: $10/person/photo for 20 (21+ is a flat $200 fee)

Sample Group Photo Natural

Environmental Background, such as outside or interior office

Sample Group Photo Solid

Clean Background, such as an empty wall (can edit to solid white if preferred)

Headshot, Edited Background: $40/photo

Headshot, Natural Background: $30/photo

Headshot, Natural Solid Background: $30/photo

Headshot, White Background: $30/photo