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The Framework

project goals:

The Framework, established in part by the efforts of Donny Manco owner of New Republic Tattoo, is an amazing community being put together in Fort Wayne for the community of Fort Wayne. My goal is to create a website for The Framework and to work on The Framework's corresponding websites, but the goal of this project was the branding of The Framework. Donny wanted to instill the ideas of moderness, community, and cleanliness into the branding of The Framework. By giving it both a colorful and modern color palette, as well as crisp shapes and modern fonts, I brought Donny to his goal.

Our second big project was to create some signage for the entrance to the East State Boulevard location of The Framework, as well as the location of New Republic Skate and New Republic Community Center. The front four window panels showcase The Frameworks logo and some information. The door brands the Skate Park and Community Center. Printing and Installation was done by High Tech Signs (special thanks to all the help from Jay Fitzgerald).

Last, The Framework decided to run a No Shave November campaign for the first time this year to raise funds for the kids that The Framework supports. The campaign is based around the idea of not shaving in November, but for a purpose. Take the money you normally spend on razors and shaving cream and donate it to The Framework instead! NJP helped design the entire campaign, from the websites page and shopping cart feature to the print materials including large postcards and posters to promote the event, as well as helping the campaign get up and running by making and advertising posts on Facebook.