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Review from New Republic Tattoo

Nick Klein has changed the way we do business - for the better! He "gets it" every time, all the time - which is important if your business is trying to convey a vision, or target a specific audience. NJP has worked with us to build our website and web presence beyond what we even tried to imagine. All of our social media are linked and synchronized now, making it way easier to maximize our outreach - and the virtual tour of our studio gives our clients unprecedented access to our business. I used to think I couldn't afford work with someone like NJP, but I realize now that I can't afford not to! Thank you so much, Nick for all you've done for us at New Republic Tattoo - we absolutely consider you to be a part of our team!! ~Donny Manco, owner of New Republic Tattoo, Fort Wayne, IN.

17 December 2014
Written by Donny Manco
What we did: website | photography