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Salsa Grille

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project goals:

Salsa Grille of Fort Wayne decided to enhance their online profile with the Google Business Photos virtual tour. Below you can see how it turned out, including how flexibly embedable the tours hosted by Google can be.

We came across Nick Klein from a referral of a friend. He had great ideas, great aspects, he had a vision for us for our company's that he wanted to implement. We were very happy with the pricing Nick gave us, everything was done promptly, everything was done neatly, it was done very professionally. The response that we were receiving from different customers and friends that had viewed the websites were very impressed. They thought that the format, the colors, the actual look was beautiful. Whenever we needed to fix something on the website, it was done quickly. With the following that he is receiving, and the amount of people that are talking about him, through other customers we feel we made the right choice and we would highly recommend Nick.